Pre/Post Surgical Services


Preoperative physical therapy is becoming more of a normal course of treatment in the orthopedic world. In a world of skyrocketing insurance premiums, deductible and copays pre-surgical PT has been shown to decrease the cost of postoperative PT care by 29% for patients that have a total knee or hip replacement. A study conducted within the last 7 years revealed that 1-2 sessions of PT prior to hip or knee replacement surgery decreased the need for postacute care services such as skilled nursing or home health. Preoperative PT is important to instruct and educate the patient on what to expect with postoperative rehabilitation. Preoperative PT sessions tend to focus on functional activities such as transfers, walking, use of correct gait devices, use of adaptive equipment, bathing and other functional activities that will be affected by surgery.

Specific programs are developed in coordination with referring physicians to address the needs of the patient that will allow them to return home with as much independence as possible. This speeds the ability of the patient to return home with less assistance. Patients are educated on specific exercises to increase strength, motion and flexibility to speed recovery following surgery and in some instances to increase function prior to surgery. The goal of prehab or pre surgical physical therapy is to prepare the patient physically and mentally for the upcoming surgery.

Following surgery outpatient physical therapy will begin once ordered by the physician. Treatment may begin as soon as the next day but will depend upon each individual physician’s protocol. An individual and personalized treatment plan will be developed in coordination with your physician. At each appointment your progress will be evaluated to determine your next step in the recovery process. Our therapists believe strongly in providing patients with the resources to take control of their own rehabilitation process. Each patient will be instructed on a home exercise program that will be advanced as improvements in physical condition allow. The goal of post surgical rehabilitation is to restore each patient to their previous level of function.

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