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One of the most frustrating aspects of injury and illness is the feeling of restriction—not being able to do what you used to do. The therapists at Husker Rehab are experts at restoring function. In fact, we use what are called closed-chain, functional exercises with reduced weight bearing to improve muscle control early in your program. That means you can see progress quickly, and use those muscles for strengthening as you move through your program. Tell us what’s ailing you…we’ll use our expertise to give you an educated opinion about ways to get better, then design a program that gives you the highest possible chance of full recovery.

In addition to supporting your pain control and recovery plan with treatment in our facilities, we can help outfit your home with equipment that supports ongoing treatment and recovery.


The newest techniques lead to the quickest possible recovery and most effective treatment.


One-on-one therapy, with ongoing program adjustments, addresses your unique needs.


Total gym and other state-of-the-art exercise equipment makes treatment effective and fun.


Sophisticated testing equipment provides information for continuous program adjustment, so you can achieve higher levels of effectiveness.


Ample space between machines provides patient privacy during treatment.

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