About Us

Our Approach

At Husker Rehab, physical pain and dysfunction are personal. We’ve become very good at listening to our patient’s needs and desires, analyzing the problem, ferreting out causes, and figuring out ways to get people moving again. That’s the bottom line and its reflected in our core values.

We treat the body holistically, like a builder builds a house.

If the pieces don’t work together correctly, it weakens the structure and causes problems. We treat posture first, like a builder frames first. Only then do we perform traditional, trusted therapies to methodically coax a body back to normal. We re-evaluate often and make adjustments as we go, then teach patients how to maintain their newfound health at home—how to establish good habits and build a foundation of wellness, so pain is less likely to become a problem later in life.

Why Us

Today, Husker Rehab proudly offers services in five clinics in four different Nebraska cities, where we serve physicians and their patients with unique, highly-intensive, highly-customized rehabilitation, wellness and preventive care therapies that make a real difference in people’s lives. Our meticulous expert therapeutic methods

(along with our fun, positive atmosphere, and devotion to patients and their individual needs)

have earned us a reputation as the area’s most dependable rehab solution. Our well-documented customer satisfaction rating is 98%.
All therapists are from Nebraska. “Small town mentality”.

To learn more about the beginning of Husker Rehab. & Wellness Centers, P.C. click here.

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Core Values


Customer focused


Our Goals are based on our patients needs


Relationships with customers and coworkers are a priority


Empathy keeping us in touch with the feelings of all that we serve.


Strive to be caring and compassionate people


Team approach working together


Respect and value the differences and abilities in all persons


Energetic fun environment with positive encouragement




Growth and committed to continued education to always provide the best care available.


Totally passionate about excellence in care



Our Teams

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Community Involvement

At Husker Rehab, our community is important to us. We care about our patients as neighbors and friends, and we want to do our part to support the community—to make it strong and vital. That’s why every Husker Rehab location makes a specific effort to get involved.

These are some of the organizations and community efforts we’ve contributed to with dollars or time in North Lincoln:



Youth football programs

Youth baseball programs

Youth softball programs

Youth basketball programs

Local chamberr of commerce

Lincoln economic partnership development


Local highschool booster sponsors