Postural Restorative Therapy


We encourage our therapist to attend postural restorative therapy courses so as to develop the appreciation of postural patterns and how it affects our everyday life. Understanding of the normal postural motion allows us to evaluate and find postural patterns that exist in all of us. When a pain or injury develops, these patterns will create the lack of ability of the body to heal properly and thus contribute to the ongoing pain and compensations.

The knowledge and skill in understanding the importance of respiration, myokinetics, neuromuscular and postural imbalances are the key to getting clients back to their functional activity.

Without postural neutrality, typical rehabilitation techniques may make patterns worse and contribute to more pain.

Once neutrality is managed, progress to the home program and wellness centers will be guided and instruction in each program with postural emphasis will be discussed. Each exercise will need to keep the corrected postural alignment and position, and thus continued stability and core awareness going forward without the need of formal therapy. Once a client has achieved this goal, they can be discontinued from our care and continue independently.

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