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Success Stories

What the community is saying:

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“I wish I would of came here years ago.”

“All of the people that i had met here during my treatment were very professional and enjoyed their work and was interested in my progress.”

“Awesome facility & awesome staff.”

“Everyone was great. I would definitely come back to Husker Rehab.”

“I am finally pain free and able to move freely for the first time in 4 years. I have tried PT at multiple other facilities and finally found Husker Rehab.”

“Thank you for much good care and expertise. you are all so good at what you do. Thank you for helping me!”

“Husker Rehab has been a life changer. Thank you to all your staff and therapist. I appreciate all your help.”

“What a great place with great people!”

“Everyone always had a smile on their faces and attitudes were great. I will recommend this place to everyone.”

“Mike excels at PT and with patients education and interaction. He targets the problem. In face the entire staff have a great demeanor and treat your professionally and compassionately every time.”

“I am delighted with all aspects of the care and treatment that I have received from every member at Husker Rehab.”

“I love this office! The staff is great and friendly. We get to know each other through the process.”

“You guys did great. Even when I would show up 30 minutes late because I had written the time down wrong you still got me in for my appointment.”

“I have been thrilled with my progress. Mike and the staff were all fantastic.”

Additional Success Stories

Tony Foster loves running more than almost anything, except his wife and kids, of course. There’s no way you’re going to stop him, unless he’s on his deathbed, he says. Recently, though, he began having trouble running. His hip started hurting and his left hamstring became extremely tense. He came to Husker Rehab upon the advice of his doctor. Through a series of tests, we determined that getting in and out of the car all the time for his job had created a minor postural problem that was causing major pain. Tony’s therapist started him on a postural restoration program, and within six weeks he returned to running. He happily reported that, not only was he running pain-free, but he had significantly less restricted movement than he’d had before. Tony the runner is happy again, and he’s going to stay that way by continuing to do the exercises his therapist gave him, so it’s much less likely to happen again. Happy running, Tony!