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When Andy, an upcoming junior at North Star High School, hit a growth spurt last year, a birth defect known as bipartite patella caused unbearable pain during training for this active track athlete. Because of the pain’s intensity and the knee’s limited range of motion, Andy opted for surgery with a regimen of physical rehabilitation to alleviate the discomfort. Andy chose Husker Rehab because of their known expertise. He had torn his ACL earlier in his athletic career, and teaming with Husker Rehab literally got him back on his feet. Andy’s knee rehabilitation took less time than anticipated, and he was able to get back to track quickly.

Within a month after the surgery, Andy started track activities again. Not only was his knee feeling great, but he was able to execute at the level he had performed at prior to his surgery in his event of choice, the pole vault.

It was an athletic success and a personal triumph to place third at districts and to qualo for the state competition. – Andy