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Therapists are knowledgeable and helpful. Was a great place for me to rehab after my bilateral knee replacement. ALL the staff were very courteous and really seemed to Love their jobs. The atmosphere was great, and the staff, and myself, always had a fun time. They know how to make the best of the situation. Great work everyone!!!
– Chris

Outstanding place to go to workout or get treatment people are great
– Mike

Best place with great employees to get back on track with physical needs in life!
– Brenda

Had to get a physical done here. They were very professional and helpful.
– Nathan

I recently finished the Homestead Running Club’s Hoppy 5K, thanks to Physical Therapist Ryan Wade at Husker Rehab in Beatrice. I was having pain in the right lower back, the right groin, and the right thigh area, and the pain was interfering with my ability to run. Nothing I did seemed to work, so I called Ryan. He immediately diagnosed the cause of the problem and we scheduled a series of physical therapy sessions. During therapy, I continued to run every day and quickly was able to increase my mileage while feeling less pain.

I ran a Healthy Heart 5K in February 2023 at 38 minutes/6 seconds, and placed first in the Men’s 70+ class. I wanted to run the Hoppy 5K on 9.23.23 in 35 minutes. Instead, I ran the race in 34 minutes/9 seconds. I placed 2nd in the Men’s 70+ class.

My performance is a tribute to the following Husker Rehab/Beatrice Champions

*Ryan Wade: Co-owner and Director of Physical Therapy at Husker Rehab/Beatrice. He is a genius at identifying and remediating physical asymmetries. Thank you, Ryan!

Starla Post: Office Manager: Star runs the non-therapy functions of the office, and she is truly a Star! She comforts incoming patients, she supervises scheduling, she answers the always-busy phone, and she embodies the can-do spirit of Husker Rehab. Thank you, Star!

Katelyn Huenink: Physical Therapy Assistant: I am belatedly thanking Katelyn for her excellence in rehabbing me to fitness several years ago when she took the lead role in helping me recover from rotator cuff surgery. Thank you, Katelyn!

Mariah Markwardt: Physical Therapy Tech: Mariah led me through completion of specific therapeutic movements designed by Ryan. She was always friendly, always helpful, and always knew the correct response required of me. Thank you, Mariah!

Peyton Winkle: Physical Therapy Tech: Peyton filled in for Mariah several times. She also was always friendly, always helpful, and always knew the correct response required of me. Thank you, Peyton!


-Danny D.