Workplace Wellness in Lincoln- March 2023

Healthy behaviors and wellness opportunities in the workplace continue to be implemented in offices around the country, though it can be difficult to maintain this standard in the new day and age where more and more people are working from home. Employers may be wondering how they can continue to encourage wellness when their team members are not in the office. On the flipside, employees who work at home may be interested in ways they can continue to maintain healthy behaviors away from their office that may have provided them with encouraging amenities, such as a gym, or find themselves becoming sedentary after spending so much time in their house.

An increasing percentage of employers across the country are adopting workplace wellness programs because research shows that, when done correctly, they effectively improve the health of employees, which, in turn, increases employee productivity. Workplace wellness programs also have been shown to reduce the number of reported workplace accidents resulting from overweight, tired, out-of-shape, stressed, and sleep-deprived workers. A recent Harvard University research study by economics professors found that every dollar employees invest in workplace wellness programs returns an estimated $3.27 in medical costs and a decrease of $2.73 in absentee-day costs.

It’s hard to choose where to start when it comes to wellness. We spoke to businesses and experts in our community to learn more about how we can all continue to improve wellness in the workplace, no matter where our workplace is at.

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