Urinary Incontinence during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, urinary incontinence affects 2 out of 3 women, but only one in eight women sought professional help.

Recent research (Int Urogynecol J 2020 October) noted the prevalence of urinary incontinence in pregnancy is 55.1% in the first trimester rising to 70.1% in the third trimester (with an overall prevalence of 66.8%). Nearly 43% of women noted urinary incontinence occurring at least once a week.

Of the women with urinary incontinence during pregnancy, only 13.1% sought help for their symptoms. Most women were unaware that treatment was available for urinary incontinence during pregnancy.

Other research has shown that women who have leakage of urine during pregnancy are significantly more likely to have persistent urinary incontinence after delivery.

Pelvic physical therapy can help decrease symptoms during pregnancy and prevent urinary incontinence after delivery!



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