Patient Experience

Patient Experience

You might come to Husker Rehab to get healthy overall or to meet specific physical demands, such as before and after having a baby. You might desperately be seeking a way to stop relentless pain or dysfunction of your body. Or you might be a company looking for help to decide when injured workers are ready to return to the old grind.

No matter what brings you to Husker Rehab, we know you’ll like us. This is why:

  • We treat the entire body and seek the root causes of your pain. We don’t just treat symptoms.
  • We treat every patient as a member of our family.
  • We take time to learn about you, your challenges and your life, so we can go deeper to find solutions that truly fit your personal needs.
  • We listen to what YOU have in mind for recovery, never telling you that you can’t do anything, and instead supporting your efforts to reach the highest possible level of comfort and function you desire.
  • We hire only highly qualified therapeutic professionals who bring to their work intelligence, experience, and personal commitment.

When you visit a Husker Rehab center, this is what you can expect. We will…

  • Greet you with genuine caring and respect.
  • Make you comfortable, then ask for a medical history, as well as a detailed description of any pain you might be experiencing.
  • Encourage and push you hard when needed to help you progress.
  • Empathize with the challenges you face.
  • Give you a clear plan for maintaining your good health at home.