Welcome to Husker Rehab Fairbury. Whether you aim to overcome an injury, improve your health or brush up sports skills, everything you need is available in our state-of-the-art building. We offer the area’s best equipment, staff and treatments to support your desire to get into better shape… or just get better. Husker Rehab Fairbury offers a full complement of physical therapy and wellness services designed thoughtfully to support your goals.

Treatment Rooms for Tackling Pain

Using our owners’ and senior therapists’ years of experience, we designed physical therapy and rehabilitation rooms at Husker Rehab Fairbury to provide exceptional support for our patients’ needs. We use treatment rooms or booths for acute treatment and manual therapy. In addition to therapeutic exercises, we tackle pain and function challenges with services such as ultrasound, moist heat, electrical stimulation and iontophoresis. The physical therapy gym and rehabilitation room offers the newest cardiovascular, fitness and rehabilitation equipment for patients who have advanced far enough that they are experiencing less pain.

Dry Needling

Physical therapists use dry needling with the goal of releasing or inactivating trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion. Preliminary research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, and normalizes dysfunctions of the motor end plates, the sites at which nerve impulses are transmitted to muscles. This can help speed up the patient’s return to active rehabilitation.

Isokinetic Testing: Controlled Strengthening

Husker Rehab Fairbury offers special machines that use isokinetic resistance exercise to quickly improve muscle power. These machines also are valuable in measuring muscle power to determine when a patient is ready to return to sports, work or other functional activity. The faster a patient pushes, the more resistance he or she will experience. Computer feedback helps the patient monitor progress. Unlike free weights, isokinetic machines are not affected by the force of gravity, which makes them easier to control.


Graston Technique

Graston Technique® (GT) is a soft tissue diagnostic and therapeutic method that has been used in outpatient clinics since 1994. GT instruments –made of stainless steel, specifically designed and developed as an alternative to manual transverse friction massage – are used as an aid in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue pathology and dysfunction. The instruments provide diagnostic tactile feedback to both the clinician and the patient, as the instruments act as a focused extension of the clinician’s own hands.

From serious injuries to serious wellness programs, Husker Rehab offers the expertise and equipment you need to target better health. Call today to find out more, or come by anytime for a tour.