Can just learning more improve your symptoms?


A recent study published in the Journal of Urology (Urology 84:321-326, 2014) found that patients with moderate to severe interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) had significant improvement after receiving only advice and support.

This study was actually first initiated to examine the effect of a certain medication on interstitial cystitis but found that 50% of the placebo patients had over 50% improvement.  The “placebo effect” was attributed to the education and support patients received regarding their diagnosis.  So, in other words, just by finding out accurate information about their disease process (and making some simple lifestyle changes), patients improved over 50%!


This study highlights the importance of accurate education and a “Standard Advice Checklist” was created to include:

1. Validate to the patient that they have IC/BPS

2. Explain IC/BPS is a chronic disease requiring long-term health care plan

3. Encouraged water hydration

4. Recommend a bowel program

5. Explain dietary restrictions

6. Discuss sexual therapy

7. Explain stress reduction

8. Discuss support resources

If you have been diagnosed with IC/BPS, don’t hesitate to ask your health care practitioner about questions you may have.  Here at Husker Rehabilitation, we may not immediately know all the answers to your questions but we will work to research information and, if needed, refer you to someone who CAN answer your questions!

The more you know the better (and NOW that has been proven through research)!

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