Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of General Exercise during Pregnancy:

1)  Fewer pregnancy complaints (backache, constipation, etc)
2)  Less likely to gain excess weight in pregnancy
3)  Decreased risk for gestational diabetes
4)  Easier labor
5)  Faster recovery after delivery

Benefits of Strength Training during Pregnancy:

1)  Controls excessive weight gain
2)  Reduces or avoids common pregnancy and postpartum pain
3)  Builds adequate strength for lifting and carrying your baby and heavy baby-equipment
4)  Improves your overall state of mind during and after pregnancy
5)  Helps you cope better with the stressors of pregnancy and new motherhood

Benefits of Stretching during Pregnancy:

1)  Counterbalances the biomechanical stresses that pregnancy places on the body
2)  Relieves common pregnancy complaints such as back and shoulder pain
3)  Reduces excess muscle tension
4)  Help you maintain adequate length in key muscle groups
5)  Helps reduce psychological stress

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Strengthening during Pregnancy:

1)  Increased strength of the pelvic floor helps to support the body’s internal organs
2)  Enables you to maintain urinary and bowel continence
3)  Supports your organs during activities that stress them physically, such as laughing, sneezing and coughing