Wellness Center

Wellness Center

The wellness center at Husker Health offers a large gym with the newest cardiovascular, fitness and rehabilitation equipment to work out both the upper and lower body and improve your cardiovascular health. The equipment uses body mass and gravity at different angles to promote resistance for strengthening in safe and controlled movements.

Who is our wellness program for?  Whether you are an athlete, a senior with health concerns or simply looking to get in shape, we have a program for you!

How does our wellness program work?  Our trained exercise professionals on staff will create individualized programs to help members attain optimum health and peak performance. Your first visit with us is a scheduled appointment with one of those professionals that takes about an hour of your time. During this visit, you will review your personal goals, eating habits, health history, etc and have your body composition tested to determine your body fat percentage and muscle mass. You will also receive education on caloric intake and nutrition along with sample menus and tracking sheets to record your eating.  Following this information gathering session, you will be taken out to the gym and shown the pieces of equipment that have been selected for your workout. Our staff will instruct you on how to set the equipment, proper posture, repetitions and rest periods, everything you need to know for a safe effective workout.  You will have a workout card created for you that contains all of this information and you will pull this card to use as a guide each time you come in to the gym after this initial appointment. No further appointments are needed for your workouts, you may come in any time that we are open and staff are available to assist you should you have any questions.

How do we help you achieve your goals?  Re-evaluations of your progress are included in your membership! These are scheduled at intervals you arrange with your exercise professional. During this one on one appointment you will have your body composition re-tested and your nutrition and exercise routines reviewed. These appointments take about 15 minutes. You should not do your workout prior to a re-check as this may affect your body composition test.  These re-checks are a great way to stay on track and make progress toward your goals!

Wellness Center Hours:

Monday through Friday 530am to 9pm

Saturday  7am to 6pm

Sunday 1pm to 5pm

We are closed major holidays which are posted in advance.

Membership Options:

Memberships are offered as both annual or monthly.

Give the Gift of Health!  Gift certificates are available in any amount for all of our wellness services.

Contact Us:

Phone:  402.228.9292

2320 North 6th Street

Beatrice, NE  68310